Properties for sale in and around Marcali

Take a look at the introduction video of our Marcali Noszlopy street condominium completed in 2023!

Our services

  • construction of a new family house,
  • Renovation and conversion of a family home,
  • construction of a new apartment building,
  • renovation of a condominium,
  • construction of water and sewage networks,
  • production of floor coverings,
  • road fence construction,
  • replacement of shutters,
  • heating modernization, conversion,
  • bathroom renovation
    making cold and warm blankets,
  • Construction of plasterboard coverings and false ceilings,
  • Preparation of a building energy report,
  • Insulation and cleaning of flat roofs.



Head office: Marcali, Noszlopy str. 5.

Location: Kéthely, Rákóczi str. 11.

Telephone: +36 30 907 6287


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About us

Our company was founded in 2004 and has been present on the Marcali real estate market since then. Our main profile is the construction and sale of 3-4-6-15-apartment apartment buildings and townhouses that fit the image of the city.

Buying real estate is a serious task, an important step in people’s lives. In this important decision, we want to help our customers so that the purchase does not end with unpleasant experiences and they feel that they can count on us even after handing over the property.

With these in mind, we have been available to our customers for 20 years. The provision of a comprehensive service serves the convenience of our customers.

Our slogan: “You dream it, we make your apartment a reality.”

This is true for all our apartments. We take into account your needs in their entirety when designing the new apartment. Our reference works also prove this. In order to carry out a successful real estate development activity, above all, you need an appropriate education, many years of experience, flexibility, organizational skills and precisely coordinated work. Our goal is to create buildings with low energy consumption, which are not only environmentally conscious, but economically serve the daily lives of their residents in the long term.

We are convinced that the use of modern construction materials and the combined application of already proven technologies provide the value that can even span generations. Taking these into account, we look forward to your respectful interest.